[PROJECT#3] Mission: NOLZA!


In celebration of 2NE1′s Nolza Concert for this year, we’ll be launching our third project,Mission: NOLZA! But before that,  here’s a link to check back at our project for last year’s Nolza Concert. This year, we will be tuning down with the amount of gifts but we’ll be keeping in mind how these gifts will benefit not only Bom herself, but reach out to the needy.


Last year, we joined YGLadies’ joint project and chipped in for a shared rice wreath to cheer for NOLZA 2011.

This year, with YGLadies’ help yet again, we are aiming a single rice wreath, this time, a bigger and better one! Here’s a sample of how it would look like:

This rice wreath will contain two ribbons (the left ribbon will be for the fansite name and the right ribbon will be for the fansite’s message), a 50cm X 110cm banner, an A4 sized photo of the celebrity, and 100kg rice bags.


Also, being concerned about our spring goddess’s health and wellness, we will be sending a small spa basket to her in hope that she’ll be able to rest and bathe well after the concerts.

*Donors’ names will be put in a customized WLB post card which will be included in the spa basket.


1. Rice Wreath- USD357

2. Spa Basket – USD100 (SF included)

TOTAL: USD457.00


To donate simply choose your method of donation and send a tweet to Unnie Admin at@jiebrick on Twitter or if you’re not on Twitter, fill up the form below and send it to us thru welovebom13@hotmail.com with the subject “WeLoveBom Project #3 Donation”



Donation method:

Amount donated:

  1. Accept donations made with credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal right away.
  2. Donors don’t need a PayPal account to make their donations.
  3. If you can’t proceed to your online banking, turn off your pop-up blocker.
Our paypal account is – welovebom13@hotmail.com
  • CONCEALED CASH (Malaysia, Philippines & Singapore ONLY)
  1. We will SEND you an email with the complete address.
  2. Wrap your money with a piece of paper with your name written on it in a safe/secured envelope.
  3. Mail it to the respective address that we will provide you.
  • Western Union (WORLDWIDE)
  1. For more details you can go to http://www.westernunion.com
  • BANK DEPOSIT (Malaysia ONLY)
  1. We will be sending you an email of the account’s owner and the account number
*All WeLoveBom donors get the advantage to receive exclusive updates through our newsletters!

We’ll be grateful to receive any amount of money that you will be donating to the project. We are looking forward to everyone’s support and participation!

2NE1, Comeback delayed, new album in the mid week of July “In order to avoid competition? No!”

While pouring their heart and soul into preparing their new album, the four member group 2NE1 is planned to make a comeback to the music world later than originally planned.
On the 12th, YG Entertainment representatives told Star News “2NE1 was originally set to put out an album within this month“, “However while pouring their hearts and souls into creating an album with quality music, their album announcement date has been postponed.”
This representative stated “Currently, 2NE1 is planning to make a Korean comeback with a new album in the middle week of July.” “Lately, the 2NE1 members have been devoting themselves in the preparation of their new album and we would be really grateful if everyone held high expectations about the upcoming album.”
Unfortunately, they have been unable to dodge the bullet of the accusation that they are simply delaying their comeback to avoid competition with other popular idol groups.
In a recent survey, 2NE1 had attracted the attention of many fans when they beat out several other idol groups as the ‘Idol most anticipated for a June comeback‘.
Although they have delayed their comeback slightly while devoting themselves for the new album, it was revealed that the 2NE1 members, Sandara Park, Park Bom, CL, and Gong Minji plan to repay the fans for their waiting with even more amazing promotions.
It has been one year since the 2NE1 members have released an album with new songs.
Meanwhile, 2NE1 plans to hold their independent concert as planned in the last week of July.

 Source: Star news

Translated by Gee@ygladies.com

YG Entertainment Opens Weibo Accounts for 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en!

2NE1′s weibo – weibo.com/2NE1asia

Big Bang’s weibo – weibo.com/BIGBANGasia

Se7en’s weibo – weibo.com/SE7ENasia

The “v” beside their account names is the ‘Weibo Verified’ authentication logo. Weibo is a large Chinese social networking site with over hundreds of millions of users.

We told YG that 2NE1 is very popular in China so we ask them if they could make a weibo  account for 2NE1, BB and se7en. So here it is! Thank us okay?