Park Ji Min Says Her Idol Park Bom Is So Thin And Reveals Her Diet Stress

”K-POP Star” finalist Park Ji Min recently appeared on SBS’ Strong Heart and revealed that dieting actually caused her ”severe stress” since she’s not quite thin like the usual image Korea has.

Park Ji Min also talked about her idol ”2NE1′s Park Bom” which she met on K-Pop Star and revealed that after she met the star, she started her diet to loose some weight.

While talking about it she sighed dramatically as she thought carefully about it. She talked about how much of a stress it actually is after appearing on K-Pop Star.

Park Ji Min received lots of support from 2NE1′s Bom. After meeting her Ji Min was amazed at how pretty and thin Bom actually was and said that everytime she’d see herself perform, she’d think she actually looked quite big/fat next to others or even on solo stages.

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Source: Nate

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