About Us

WeLoveBom is a non-profit fansite formed by fans from around the world – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Singapore, and USA for international fans to stay updated with the latest news about Park Bom. We humbly started on April 2010 and since then, many Park Bom fansites have branched out based in various countries – Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Honduras, Latin America, Poland, etc. showing how Park Bom is receiving love worldwide.

‘BOMbshells’, as coined by YGLadies, is the term used to call Park Bom fans.


Yasmine*  (@nampikachu) [Founder] : Administrator / Korean Translator

Nikai (@nikai___) [Co-Founder] : Administrator / Project Handler

Gjie (@jiebrick) : Administrator / Project Handler

Megan* (@meganz21) : Administrator / Chinese Translator

Celeste (@thatspringskye) : Administrator / Chinese Translator

Camille* (@_toinkie) : Tumblr Manager

Mira* (@rainbow_lovis) : Blogger

Wan (@n_65) : Chinese Translator / Blog Designer

Kristine (@kristinekwak) Korean Translator

Meme (@YGLMeme) : Blogger

Ella (@fantasticella) : Blog Designer

For any questions, comments, or suggestions send us an e-mail to welovebombot@hotmail.com

*Staff member is on hiatus


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