YG Entertainment Opens Weibo Accounts for 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en!

2NE1′s weibo – weibo.com/2NE1asia

Big Bang’s weibo – weibo.com/BIGBANGasia

Se7en’s weibo – weibo.com/SE7ENasia

The “v” beside their account names is the ‘Weibo Verified’ authentication logo. Weibo is a large Chinese social networking site with over hundreds of millions of users.

We told YG that 2NE1 is very popular in China so we ask them if they could make a weibo  account for 2NE1, BB and se7en. So here it is! Thank us okay?


Summer’s ‘big match’ in the music industry 2NE1-T-ara-f(x)–SUJU-B2ST make their comebacks

▶ f(x)-2NE1, expected to have unique comebacks

With the words “Blackjacks who have been cheating on us, gather round!” on the 20th last month, Sandara Park declared that 2NE1 was having their comeback, which also brought the topic of 2NE1′s return to attention. Last year, “I Am The Best”, “Ugly” and “Lonely” were all hits in various music charts at the same time, as well as also sweeping the ranks at music programs like a ground wave. They are currently at a state where they have completed at least 7 songs with Teddy. (The new album) continues to raise expectations (for 2NE1′s comeback) as it is known to contain songs of electronic, hip-hop, acoustic and various other genres.

Therefore, these stars who are highly popular both at home and overseas, who had announced their comebacks are expected to delight music fans this mid-summer.

-parts irrelevant to 2NE1 has been omitted-

Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com

YG Entertainment Opens Its Own eBay Store

Joining forces with eBay KoreaYG Entertainment has launched its very own eBay store, ‘YG Store‘ (http://stores.ebay.com/ygentertainment).

The new eBay store will serve as an outlet for fans overseas to purchase their own copy of Big Bang‘s special edition ‘Still Alive‘ album, as well as upcoming works and fan merchandise for other YG artists like 2NE1 and Se7en.

With the opening of the store, Big Bang will be launching their own special corner on the site under ‘eBay Celebrity‘ (celebrity.ebay.com), becoming the first Korean artist to do so. Through it, the group will put up merchandise such as autographed CDs and donate the proceeds to a good cause.

eBay Korea’s Na Yong Ho stated, “There are currently over 10,000 collectibles related to Hallyu stars on eBay, showing the level of interest in Hallyu. Thus, we believe that with its opening, ‘YG Store’ will play a significant role in the export of Hallyu.”

YG Entertainment commented, “With increase in demand of international fans, we hope to further the convenience of purchasing items by the international fans with the opening of the eBay store.”

Source: AllKPop

*Visit YGE’s eBay store now!! >>> http://stores.ebay.com/ygentertainment

Our Admin ask YGE to make an eBay Store so they did it!