[ANNOUNCEMENT] An Important Notice from WeLoveBomPark.com

For those who have been with us, you would have heard of instances where our blog has been blindly reproduced (or rather, copied) or our Twitter account has supposedly been hacked. Although these incidents have been resolved, we have recently received tips about a new fansite imitating us, even bringing in some of our staff members’ names.

We’d like to inform all of you not to be fooled by imposers with their actions, be it trying to mimic our fansite or by stating that we have gotten hacked and redirecting you to another account instead, if this situation were to occur to you now or in the future (we strongly hope that it won’t).

We can’t stop these incidents from starting but we can end them with your help. When noticing these imposers in future, do not hesitate to direct them to us. Report them as spam. We hope that the imposers would stop after that.

We sincerely thank you all for your support in making WeLoveBom the fansite it is today and we seek your help in helping us with these issues.

You can contact us thru Twitter at @WeLoveBom or send as an e-mail towelovebombot@hotmail.com

Thank you.


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