Park Ji Min Mentions Park Bom on Her Interview with Elle Korea

EG 방송을 하면서 만난 여러 스타들 중 가장 설레었던 만남을 꼽자면요?
박봄 언니요. 평소 언니 노래를 좋아했거든요. GD&TOP 오빠들도 빼놓을 수 없죠. 정준하 아저씨도 정말 친절하셨고요.

ELLE: During the broadcast (SBS K-Pop Star), you met a lot of celebrities. Among all of them, can you name the artist whom you were so excited to meet?

Park Ji Min: Park Bom unnie. I have always liked her songs.  I can’t also miss GD & TOP oppas.  Jung Jun Ha ahjussi is  so nice too.

Source: Nate

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