Be Mine MV Reaches 1M views + Intel Kore Facebook Event

‎[Make Thumb Noise – “Be Mine” Event ] 공개된지 3일만에 100만이 넘는 Youtube 조회수를 기록한 2NE1의 신곡 “Be Mine” Inspired by Ultrabook™! 아직 못보신분들은 지금 바로 감상하시고 공유 및 댓글을 남겨주세요~! 공유하신분 중 추첨을 통해 50분께 모바일 음료권을 드립니다! 당첨자 발표 – 6월 11일


After only 3 days since its release, 2NE1′s new song “Be Mine” Inspired by Ultrabook™ has recorded more that 1,000,002 views on Youtube! If you haven’t seen it yet watch it right away and please share and leave comments~! The IDs of those who share (this post) will be put through a draw and 50 people will be getting mobile vouchers for beverages! Winners will be annouced on 11 June.

Source: Intel’s Facebook
Translated by: for us! 🙂

We ask nydeabcd to translate it for us so we can bring it for you 🙂

Brought you by WeloveBomPark


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